BBA in Hospital Management


Course: BBA in Hospital Management

CCLMS provides a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Hospital Management, which is a 3 – tier undergraduate program. It mainly focuses on supervising the whole working of the hospital industry like appointment scheduling, staff management of nurses, physicians and so on.Apart from that, this course will primarily focus on the personality development as well as it will also focus on the skill enhancement.


CCLMS also provides well experienced faculties, who are having many years of experience in the same profession. Apart from that, it also provides some of the trainings like Spoken English classes, Personality Development classes so that the students can prospect in their careers as well as they can develop better relationships with the employees ahead.

Key Information


BBA in Hospital Management (BBA in HM)


3 Years




Higher Secondary(10+2) in any stream from recognised board with minimum 50% marks.

Selection Procedure

Merit + PI

Curriculum Facilities

Personality Development

Spoken English

Computer Lab


  • 1. Hospital Operations Management (BBA (HM) 101 )
  • 2. Hospital and Health Systems (BBA (HM) 102)
  • 3. Principles of Management (GE5B-01)
  • 4. English Communication (BBA(HM) 104)

  • 1. Medical Terminology (BBA(HM) 201)
  • 2. Hospital Overview (Field Visit) (BBA(HM) 202)
  • 3. Bio-Statistics (GE3B-16)
  • 4. Environment & Sustainable Development (BBA(HM) 204)

  • 1. Medical Record Science (BBA(HM) 301)
  • 2. Health Care Marketing (BBA(HM) 302)
  • 3. Health Information Systems (BBA(HM) 303)
  • 4. Medical Ethics Law and Etiquette (GE1B-12)
  • 5. Computer Applications (BBA (HM) 305)

  • 1. Public Health and Health Care Planning (BBA(HM) 401)
  • 2. Support Utility Systems-I (BBA (HM) 402)
  • 3. Hospital Inventory Management (BBA(HM) 403)
  • 4. Any one from GE Basket
  • 5. Basic Healthcare Analytics (BBA(HM) 405)

  • 1. Epidemiological Transitions in Healthcare (BBA (HM) 501)
  • 2. Support and Utility Services-II (BBA (HM) 502)
  • 3. Concepts of Digital Health (BBA(HM) 503 (B))
  • 4. Internship (BBA (HM) 594 (B))

  • 1. Quality in Healthcare (BBA(HM)601)
  • 2. Health Insurance (BBA(HM)602)
  • 3. Human Resource Management (BBA(HM) 603(B))
  • 4. Internship (BBA(HM)681 (B))

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CCLMS provide first class educational facilities on site comparable to the best in the industry.


CCLMS Management College aims to mould the students to go out as conscious citizens with concern. To help this happen the Faculty and the Administration works symbiotically. A creative atmosphere helps in the students to think and make their learning effective. Every student’s indidual ability is taken into consideration for him/her to grow in his/her field of capability. An atmosphere of learning with a supportive environment will certainly help the teacher and the taught.


To provide quality education which would make learning effective. Education should be such that the students should be motivated to pursue higher studies. All learning should be for the betterment of the learner and the society around them. Education received by the students should make them a true humane individual, who excels not only in academics but would understand the finer aspects of life. The teaching and learning community should work together to achieve effective and achievable goals.