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Chairman of CCLMS Group

Welcome to CCLMS
message desk Message from Chairman

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome each of you at “Contai College of Learning & Management Science"(CCLMS). For quite some time we have been feeling the need for an advanced learning centre in this area to meet the growing needs of our great nation. We can achieve this together by your earnest help and our commitment. The world is changing day by day. So, a great change has come in the field of education. We, in the technical & Management educational world, had our strategies in place to cope up with the changes taking place around us. But in reality, we find that none of us could run with other developed countries. But at present India is showing the sign of improvement in the field of education in IT and management sectors. As a Chairman, I hope that, with the co-operation of all faculty members, other staffs and the parents of the students, we will be able to serve the industry as well as the society. I wish you all the best.


We primarily aim to establish the best quality education as well as to provide hand- holding support so that they can achieve huge recognition in their respective field. We are also focusing on mentoring the students by implementing certain methods like individual counseling and providing webinars so that the students can understand the benefits of it in the future. Apart from that, we are still trying to strengthen the manner of teaching by implementing innovative practices to enhance the student's minds in their respective field further.


To be recognized as the best management college, that will mainly focus on the provision of an innovative manner of teaching to the students as well as providing mentorships to excel in their respective fields ahead.

Mission & Vission